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Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/TechnologySetupQuickGuide2020-2021-03.12.21.pdf

Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology

This document explains in four steps how to set up technology in your schools and district:
Step 1. Setting up the test administrator workstation
Step 2. Setting up student workstations
Step 3. Configuring your network for online testing
Step 4. Configuring assistive technologies

Technology Guide for iPads /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/Technology_Guide_for_iPads_2020-2021.pdf
Technology Guide for Linux /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/Technology_Guide_for_Linux_2020-2021.pdf
Technology Guide for Chrome OS /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/Technology_Guide_for_ChromeOS_2020-2021.pdf
Technology Guide for Mac /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/Technology_Guide_for_Mac_2020-2021-03.12.21.pdf
Technology Guide for Windows /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/Technology_Guide_for_Windows_2020-2021.pdf

Platform Specific Configurations, Troubleshooting and Advanced Secure Browser Installations

Each of these documents contains configurations and troubleshooting for your network and for a specific platform. The ChromeOS, Mac and Windows documents also contain advanced secure browser installation instructions.

Long Term Support Plan /core/fileparse.php/5702/urlt/OH_Long_Term_Support_2020-2021-03.12.2021.pdf

Long Term Support Plan

This document describes Cambium Assessment’s plan for supporting operating systems during the upcoming test administration and following years. This plan helps districts and schools manage operating system deployments based on the support timelines.

Assistive Technology Manual

This document provides information on how to use nonembedded assistive technologies, such as screen readers and speech-to-text, in conjunction with the Secure Browser.

Message Codes /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/Ohio_Message_Codes.pdf

Message Codes

This document contains common messages that are displayed in the Test Delivery System, along with recommended actions to take when these messages are encountered.